Electrostatic Charging Systems


The CM 30 (30 kV) and CM 60 (60 kV) electrostatic charging systems supply the high voltage for charging bars and various charging applicators, which are used to temporarily bond materials. The Chargemaster CM provides a simple and economical solution for a wide range of bindery applications. The Chargemaster CM is a switch-mode, power factor corrected, power supply. The unit’s output current is electronically restricted and protected against arcing. The output voltage can be set between 0 and the unit’s maximum voltage (30 kV or 60 kV). The power supply incorporates functions for remote on/off, remote voltage adjustment and voltage and current display. The Chargemaster CM power supplies used with charging bars and applicators can be used in a variety of industrial applications converting paper, film and foil, printing, plastics and packaging.


• Output Voltage 0-60 kVDC • Output Current, Max. 2.5 mADC • Output Power, Max. 150 W • Output Ports 4 • Dimensions (WxHxD) 10.5" x 4.25" x 15" • Certification CE

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