Elevating Conveyors


Low-profile 125Z Series conveyors incorporate fixed angles (from 30 to 90 deg) to minimize the number of components while maximizing load capacity. The conveyors’ Z-Track affords control over belt tracking at angles of incline or decline. This component adjusts rapidly for belt installation and tracking adjustments, then locks in the tracking setting to ensure long belt life. Belt widths range from 8 to 24 in.; lengths are to 20 ft.


• Five standard angles available: 30°, 45°, 60°, 75°, 90° • Width: 8” to 24” • Length: 54” to 240” • Profile: 1.89” high • Drive Pulley: 1.31” Diameter • Load Carrying Capacity: Up to 125 lbs. • Speed Range: Up to 225 fpm • Multiple cleat heights available • Corrugated sidewall available with 1” cleats
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