Emergency Stop Switches


IDEC Corporation is pleased to announce the launch of the X6 line of miniature Emergency Stop Switches. These E-stop switches incorporate unique safety features in a sleek, unibody design that eliminates dirt- and dust-buildup, while reducing the space required behind the panel. With the introduction of our patented Reverse Energy Structure, IDEC has revolutionized Emergency Stop Switches. Unlike previous generations of E-stop switches, this feature improves the degree of safety by ensuring that any damage to an X6 switch will lead to the normally closed contacts opening, immediately stopping the machine. 

The smooth design of the X6 button makes these switches easier to clean and particularly well-suited for applications in the food, medical, pharmaceutical and semiconductor industries, as well as other industries that require high standards of cleanliness. X6 switches extend just 23.9mm behind the panel, compared with conventional e-stops, which require an average clearance of 27.9mm. By reducing size by 70 percent compared with traditional E-stops, X6 switches enable equipment and control panels to be more compact. This makes X6 switches a great choice for table-top and other designs where space is a critical consideration. IDEC X6 switches are available with 1 or 2 NC contacts and may be reset by pulling or by turning. Buttons are available in 30mm and 40mm sizes, and in two colors: red for emergency stop and yellow for stop switch. Each switch can be ordered with or without arrow markings, allowing users to tailor the X6 to the needs of their specific application. X6 switches comply with international safety standards and are UL, c-UL listed and EN compliant, as well as provide an IP65 degree of protection. 


  • sleek, unibody design
  • easier to clean
  • buttons are available in 30mm and 40mm sizes
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