Enclosed Interroll Belt Drives Provide High Efficiency, Low Noise


Wilmington, N.C. (March 27, 2006) — Interroll Corporation has developed a series of belt drives, ranging from 80mm to 216mm, that improves work environment efficiency and safety. Specifically designed for material handling applications, Interroll belt drives are completely enclosed and sealed inside a steel shell, preventing environmental conditions such as water, dust, grit, chemicals, grease and oil from affecting the performance of the belt drive. Also, because the drive unit and bearings are mounted within the protective shell, the belt drive takes up less room than a conventional drive with significant noise reduction.

“An Interroll belt drive is an efficient space-saving and cost-saving device,” said Andy Haugh, Interroll product manager. “An Interroll Belt Drive has an efficiency up to 97% which is considerably higher than conventional drives. The superior efficiency is attributed to frictional losses inherent to a gear motor.”

The enclosed drive unit saves space and reduces maintenance costs such as extra chains, v-belts, couplings, bearings, support structure and special guards. Interroll belt drives also provide a safer, quieter work environment because the only external moving parts are the belt drive shell and the bearing housings.

The steel shell also acts as a safe guard against the contamination of food, electrical components, plastics and other materials that must be kept clean during handling.

Interroll Belt Drives use fewer parts than a conventional drive, making the Interroll drives less expensive and easier to install. Requiring little to no maintenance, Interroll recommends an oil change every 10,000 hours equalling almost 5 years in between oil changes based on an 8hr/day 5-day working week. The Interroll 80S and the 113S are lubricated for life.

Interroll Belt Drives are available in many diameter sizes including 80mm, 113mm, 138mm, 165mm, and 216mm in single phase 115V or 230V and three phase, 230/400V, 230/460V or 575V, 50/ 60Hz.

About Interroll

Products developed by Interroll are deployed on a global scale - wherever goods have to be conveyed, stored or distributed. Committed to excellence, Interroll offers cutting-edge solutions spanning the entire value chain, for a diverse range of industries.

Interroll endeavors to establish a leading position in selected product segments for internal unit load handling - worldwide. Established in 1959 and listed on the Swiss Stock Exchange SWX, the Interroll Group currently employs 1100 people at around 25 enterprises worldwide. Directed by a strategic holding company located in Sant'Antonino, Switzerland, the Group operates with three global business units. Within the components segment, "Interroll Drives & Rollers" focuses on supplying regional engineering companies and original equipment manufacturers. Within the area of modules and subsystems, "Interroll Dynamic Storage" and "Interroll Automation" have tailored their product portfolios to meet the requirements of global systems integrators, multinational corporations and end-users. Interroll develops all-embracing solutions in the field of food processing and distribution, airport technology, mail and parcel distribution, third-party logistics, automotive suppliers and pharmaceuticals.


It’s Specifications are: • Crowned mild steel shell, outside diameter 217.5 mm • Mild steel shafts • Shell and shafts treated with anti-rust wax • Die cast aluminium bearing housings (steel housings for 216i-High power) • All motors have thermal protection • Gearbox from cast iron 2- and 3-stage • Tripple shaft sealing system - degree of protection IP 66 (EN 60034-5) • Die cast aluminium terminal box with WAGO clamps • 3-phase AC induction motor dual voltage 230/400 V 50 Hz. • Most common global voltages are available as an option • Available for 50 & 60 Hz supply • Motor windings with insulation class F (insulation class H on request) • Brass oil plugs (one with magnet to remove oil contaminates) • Minimum Shell length RL 400 mm • Maximum Shell length RL 1800 mm • RL exceeding 1000 mm is designed with reinforced shaft
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