Enclosed Meter Solution to Simplify Installation, Help Monitor Power and Reduce Costs


Diversified industrial manufacturer Eaton Corporation today announced the availability of stand-alone, enclosed meters ideal for retrofit applications or new metering installations where mounting space is limited or not available within existing electrical distribution equipment. Eaton’s Enclosed Meters provide robust power monitoring capabilities and help reduce labor costs for end users. Excessive energy consumption, peak demand charges and power-factor penalties can wreak havoc on operating budgets. Today's advanced electronic metering products can provide accurate, real-time, system values and system events and graphically display those data directly on the device or a standard Web browser.
“The Enclosed Meter is a great example of Eaton responding to the needs of the market,” said Dwayne McGrody, product manager, Eaton Software and Meters Business Unit. “We listened carefully to the electrical community and put forth a metering solution that simplifies the ordering process for distributors, reduces installation time and complexity for contractors and increases energy management and monitoring capabilities for end users.”
Eaton’s Enclosed Meters are ideal for service entrance applications where energy supplier verification monitoring is required. They contain all necessary components to monitor the quality and quantity of the power that is being delivered throughout the facility.
“Energy metering and monitoring continues to gain attention as the industry focuses on increasing utility costs, federal regulations and tax incentives around power conservation,” said McGrody. “With power management technologies, such as Eaton’s Enclosed Meters, customers can benefit from evaluating their current power consumption and planning for future needs more effectively.”
Additional features of Eaton’s Enclosed Meters include:
• Flush-mounted meters on the enclosure door with all inputs/outputs factory-wired to terminal blocks.
• NEMA 12 enclosure meets most indoor application requirements.
• Main breaker/disconnect for line voltage.
• No separate source control voltage required for applications below 265 Vac
• Option of control power transformers for applications above 265 Vac.
• 600V rated power voltage terminal block.


• Enclosure rating NEMA 12 • Operating 0ºC to +50°C temperature • Dimensions 8.00” wide x 15” high x 8.36” deep • Meters IQ 250/260 , PXM 2000, & IQ 130/140/150 models • Control voltage Up to 265V – no CPT required • Greater than 265V – CPT required • eparate Source control – no CPT required • Basic model Breaker – Primary Voltage • 6 Point Shorting Block • Ground Terminal Block • Neutral Terminal Block • 8 Point Terminal Block for Input/Output Modules for • IQ250/260 and PXM 2000 • Wiring Wired for 3ɸ 4 wire applications, 3ɸ 3 wire applications – will need to change the wiring for both the voltage and current per the wiring diagram. Labeling A specific wiring diagram for the enclosure will be provided with notes to change from the standard of 3ɸ 4W to 3ɸ 3W application. • Certifications UL and CUL • Source control No separate source control voltage required for applications below 265Vac • Rating 600V rated power voltage terminal block and wiring • Pre-wire Pre-wired current transformer shorting terminal block, neutral, ground, voltage, control power, disconnect/breaker, and input/output terminal blocks Latch Padlocking latch provisio
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