Encore® Modular Gun Control System


The Encore® modular gun control system from is an all digital, easy-to-operate, energy efficient system that provides precision pneumatic and electrostatic operating parameters for repeatable and reliable performance in automatic powder coating operations. 

The Encore controller incorporates digital energy saving pneumatics for precise, repeatable and economic performance in both Classic Flow and Smart Flow modes. Classic Flow mode allows operators to set flow and atomizing air independently. In Smart Flow mode – atomizing and flow air are adjusted automatically based on the flow air percent and total flow settings. Encore’s digital pneumatic controls allow for higher precision and repeatability than standard pressure regulators and gages. Encore pneumatics are also more economical and help save money – allowing for the same repeatability and precision – at incoming air pressure as low as 60 psi.

Electrostatics are controlled with a choice of Select Charge or AFC modes for virtually infinite configurability of both kV and current. Select Charge coating modes utilize three optimized factory preset electrostatic parameters for recoating parts, metallic powders and deep recesses. A fourth or “custom” mode enables independent setting of kV and current limit.  Nordson’s patented AFC (Automatic Feedback Current) control is also available with the Encore modular control system, allowing operators to set gun current at a level that will provide optimal powder charge and field strength for each part to be coated.

“The new Encore controller system provides more versatility for automatic powder coating operations,” says John Binder, marketing manager, Nordson powder coating system.  “Equally important, it incorporates innovative features that make it extremely reliable and easy-to-use.  It’s a system designed for high performance with a variety of materials and applications.”

The modular cabinet style design accommodates up to eight automatic gun controllers and an optional axis controller for easy operation of both reciprocators and in/out positioners.  The system is also available in 4-, 6- or 8-gun controller configurations with master control, rear dress out cover panel. The master control panel provides main power and air distribution, keyed lockout protection, and gun triggering via a PLC or other triggering device.

The Encore modular control system is available with an optional axis controller for the control of both reciprocators and in/out positioners.  A standard configuration includes two controllers – each capable of controlling two axes – for example – one reciprocator and one in/out positioner. Reciprocator control includes start/stop, speed, stroke, and color change sequence.  In/out positioner control includes start/stop, contouring and color change sequence.


  • select Charge coating modes
  • all digital, easy-to-operate
  • repeatable and reliable performance
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