Energy Efficient Compressors


Sullair Corporation announces the introduction of the 1100e, 1500e, and 1800e encapsulated series of compressors to the company’s established line of industrial air compressors. These 15, 20, and 25 horsepower encapsulated compressors set standards for energy efficiency, reliability, low sound levels and compact size. Sullair has included numerous features that reduce energy, utility, and fluid costs for plant managers, and routine maintenance has been simplified to also reduce servicing costs. These compressors are available with Sullair’s Variable Speed Drive that can efficiently adjust to changes in air demand. With the VSD, these compressors deliver greater energy efficiency, improved operating consistency, and lower life cycle costs. Sullair’s compressors also incorporate many features that reduce the noise levels. The air-end and motor are mounted on rubber isolators, intake and exhaust louvers have been insulated, and every machine comes standard with a fully insulated enclosure. All of these engineering features allow Sullair’s 1100e, 1500e, and 1800e compressors to operate at noise levels as low as 66 dba.
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