Energy-Saving Ceramic Metal Halide Lamps


EYE Lighting International has announced its Cera Arc ceramic metal halide lamp family now has 220W, 230W, and 270W models.  The new lamps produce a bright, white light and are energy-efficient, with efficacy rated up to 117 Lumens per Watt.  The clear BT28 bulbs are designed with an EX 39 mogul base. The 230W and 270W models can achieve significant energy savings by dimming with a Metrolight SmartHID™ electronic ballast; they operate in the vertical burn position and are open-fixture rated.  The 220W model is designed as a retrofit onto 250W pulse start metal halide systems without changing the ballast; it operates in the horizontal burn position and is rated for enclosed fixtures.  

All models feature lumen maintenance up to 95%, and the 30,000 hours of life reduces maintenance costs. The EYE Cera Arc lamp family offers unique arc-tube technology that produces a bright white light (3700K) and CRI up to 90.  They are ideally suited for retail, grocery stores, gyms, parking lots, roadways, sidewalks, area lighting, flood lighting, factories, and warehouses. 


  • bright, white light
  • efficacy rated up to 117 Lumens per Watt
  • lumen maintenance up to 95%


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