Enhanced Loctite Instant Adhesives


Recent technical upgrades from Henkel Corporation have enhanced the performance of surface insensitive and low odor/low bloom Loctite® Instant Adhesive products. Loctite® 401™, Loctite® 406™ and Loctite® 454™ surface insensitive instant adhesives now offer reliable long-term performance at elevated operating temperatures to 250ºF. Loctite® 403™, Loctite® 408™, Loctite® 455™ and Loctite® 460™ instant adhesives are the first low odor/low bloom products to maintain bond strength in high-humidity environments while delivering temperature resistance to 200ºF.  

For high temperature applications, the three surface insensitive Loctite® Instant Adhesives fixture in 15 seconds or less and retain their high bond strength at temperatures up to 250ºF. All three products cure rapidly on dry or acidic surfaces and bond reliably to a wide variety of substrates, including metals, plastics and elastomers. Medium-viscosity/general-purpose, water-thin wicking, and non-drip gel formulations are available for a range of applications. The four low odor/low bloom Loctite® Instant Adhesives withstand elevated temperatures and maintain long-term bond strength in high humidity environments. Ideal for applications where the aesthetics of the end product are critical, low odor/low bloom instant adhesives minimize the frosty, white film that sometimes develops near the bond line of traditional instant adhesives. 

The reduced chemical smell allows these low odor formulations to work well in confined spaces or areas with low air flow. Low odor/low bloom products are available for gap filling, wicking into tiny spaces, bonding porous surfaces, and bonding close-fitting parts. All four products resist temperatures to 200ºF, cure on dry or acidic surfaces, and bond to a wide range of substrate materials.


  • withstand elevated temperatures
  • reduced chemical smell
  • bond to a wide range of substrate materials