Entry-level Portable Infrared Cameras


Electrophysics (www.electrophysics.com) announced that it has introduced its new EZTherm 880 Portable Infrared Camera Line. According to Electrophysics, the EZTherm 880 is designed for electricians and facility managers responsible for inspection of electrical circuits, motors and other rotating equipment, UPS systems, and building roofs, siding and interior walls. The new EZTherm cameras make it cost effective to add or strengthen the role of thermal imaging in any facility’s predictive maintenance program. The EZTherm can easily replace or augment annual inspections performed by an infrared imaging consultant. With up to 3 times the number of pixels of entry level infrared cameras, EZTherm 880 produces infrared images that are substantially sharper making diagnosis of equipment reliability issues much more accurate, intuitive and precise. The EZTherm 880 camera features unique dual mode focus control (motorized or manual) that makes the 880 a true one hand operation camera. A unique feature in entry level cameras is the camera’s close focus distance of only 4 inches making it ideal to image through inspection windows mounted in high voltage switchgear designed to reduce operator exposure to an arc flash event. Additional Press Release Details: There are three EZTherm 880 models offered beginning with the 880-1 which features high image quality, advanced report generation software, 350°C measurement range, accurate measurement accuracy, multiple color palettes, large image recording memory, 5 hour battery run time, all housed in light weight IP-54 ergonomic camera body. The 880-3 model adds a high quality visible camera channel and additional measurement analysis functionality. The 880-4 is our “Pro” package and includes a 3X telephoto lens and our unique protective lens for harsh environments that can potentially spray contaminated liquids on the camera’s expensive IR lens. “The EZTherm 880 is the perfect compliment to our HotShot line of high performance cameras. These easy to use point and shoot cameras are the perfect trouble shooting tool for electricians and other technicians and can support the use of more advanced thermographic cameras, like our new HotShot HD, by expert thermographers responsible for highly critical equipment inspection and IR program management. In addition we are so confident in our product quality that every EZTherm 880 carries a two year warranty.” said Chris Alicandro, Director of Sales for Electrophysics
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