Enviro-Pak, an Advanced Domestic Hot Water Maker


Turbotec Products, a leading manufacturer of tube-in-tube heat exchangers, has introduced Enviro-Pak, an advanced domestic hot water maker and heat recovery unit engineered to reduce water heating equipment load and provide free hot water. The unit is on display at the AHR Expo (Booth 3255), January 29 -31, 2007 at the Dallas Convention Center in Dallas, Texas.

Enviro-Pak is one of the highest efficiency heat recovery units on the market today. The unit is designed to work with existing or newly installed air-conditioning or refrigeration systems in the 1.5 to 5 ton range, and is ideally suited for light commercial and residential applications. Not only does the unit use excess refrigerant energy to reduce the water heating load, but Enviro-Pak is also available in HFC-410a zero ozone depleting refrigerant, making it extremely environmentally friendly. In addition, the unit may qualify for points in the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED program.

“The Enviro-Pak unit was designed to make hot water from wasted heat that typical air conditioning condensing units give off from heat of rejection in 1.5 to 5 ton applications,” said Floyd Lewis, director of sales and marketing for Turbotec. “A typical pay-back including the cost of installation is one to three years depending on the cycle time of the air conditioning or refrigeration system.”

The Enviro-Pak unit can be easily installed by your licensed air conditioning contractor and connects to the condensing unit on “high side.” The unit can be used with R-22 or R410a applications, and can provide an increase in the SEER for older systems up to 3 SEER points.

Immediately available, the Enviro-Pak is whisper quite, offered with either a white powder coat paint or stainless steel jacket, and features indicator lights for operational and safety diagnostics. An optional isolation valve kit is available for water and refrigerant connections. The unit comes with a five year limited warranty.
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