Envirolastic® LT Primer for Concrete and Steel


Sherwin-Williams  introduces a fast drying, low viscosity polyurea primer for steel and concrete that can be applied in temperatures as low as 0º F (-17º C). Envirolastic® LT Primer  is a reliable year-round product, ideal for low temperature applications or whenever a fast dry/fast recoat primer is required, said Brad Rossetto, Vice President Marketing, Sherwin-Williams Protective & Marine Coatings.

At 77º F (25º C), surfaces can be recoated after one hour; at 40º F (4.5 º C), surfaces can be recoated after five hours. “For our customers, that means application of primer and topcoat in a single set-up, providing a faster return to service and reducing labor costs,” Rossetto said.

In addition, when properly applied, the fast-drying primer reduces the likelihood of pinholes or holidays in the coating film caused by outgassing from the concrete substrate.

Envirolastic LT Primer is ideal for use with polyurea and polyurethane topcoats, and offers a long pot life for brush and roll applications. It can also be applied via airless spray.


• Color: Clear • Finish: Semi-gloss • Volume Solids: 65% ± 2% • VOC (EPA Method 24: <50 g/L; 0.42 lb/gal
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