Environmentally-Responsible Water-Based GUNK® Industrial Cleaners & Degreasers


The makers of GUNK® and LIQUID WRENCH® industrial lubricants and cleaner/degreasers announce three new environmentally-responsible water-based GUNK® industrial cleaners & degreasers.  New items include;  “Industrial Water-Based All-Purpose Citrus Degreaser,” “Industrial Water-Based All-Purpose Degreaser,” and “Industrial Water-Based Glass Cleaner.”  The company offers these items in large 19-ounce aerosol cans, plus 1-gallon, 5-gallon, and 55-gallon bulk sizes.  They are formulated and packaged to meet the needs of industrial users in settings such as manufacturing, maintenance, distribution and service industries and satisfy the need for bio-degradable water-based cleaners and degreasers.  Like all the previous, these new sizes have a NSF C1 (National Sanitary Foundation) registration – approving it for use in non-food contact applications. The expanded line of industrial cleaners and degreasers are sold through the traditional industrial distribution channel.

The first of three items is an Industrial Water-Based  All Purpose Citrus Degreaser that features a non-corrosive citrus foam, water-based formula, butyl-free, low in Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC). It combines superior cleaning with a pleasant citrus scent. The 360-degree valve sprays upside down.  The non-corrosive foam attacks tough, stubborn, soils and stains.  It wipes off easily and quickly.  This environmentally preferable product contains less than eight-percent VOC, is formulated with biodegradable ingredients, and contains no butyl cellosolve, no chlorinated solvents, or nonylphenol surfactants.

The second of three items is an industrial Heavy Duty Water-Based All-Purpose Degreaser that eliminates troublesome grease, oil, and dirt deposits. The 360-degree valve sprays upside down.  This environmentally preferable product has zero VOC, is formulated with biodegradable ingredients, and contains NO butyl cellosolve, no chlorinated solvents, and no nonylphenol surfactants. In employs a non-streaking formula, a water-based foam, is butyl-free and low-VOC.

Lastly, Industrial Water-Based Glass Cleaner is a streak-free formula, strong enough to quickly cut through the toughest dirt, fingerprints and haze deposits. Its 360-degree-valve sprays upside down if needed.  The foaming formula allows for better coverage and less cleaning vertical surfaces. This environmentally-preferable product is low-VOC -- less than 8%! – and is formulated with biodegradable ingredients.  It contains no butyl cellosolve, phosphates, chlorinated solvents, or nonylphenol surfactants.

“GUNK INDUSTRIAL has developed these three formulas in response growing demand for environmentally-responsible water-based industrial cleaners & degreasers,” says Tom Hynes, GUNK INDUSTRIAL Marketing Manager. 


• UPC – 078698216799 • SCC – 10078698216796 • Content - 19 OZ • Case Pack – 12 • Category - Industrial Environ Cleaner • Case Cube – 0.546 • Cases/Pallet – 108 • Layers/Pallet – 6 • Pallet Wght – 1544.4 • Case Wght – 14.3 • Case Length – 10.9 • Case Width – 8.4 • Case Height – 10.3 • Unit Wght - 1.19166666666667 • Unit Length – 2.6 • Unit Width – 2.6 • Unit Height – 9.4
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