ePC-Plus Series Industrial Computers


Nematron Corporation announces the launch of the iPC-Plus Series, the next generation of ePC-Plus Series industrial computers. Following in the footsteps of the success of the ePC-Plus Series, the new high-performance iPC-Plus Series offers significant enhancements, and introduces an all new 15.0” Front Panel Keypad model. Each model in the iPC-Plus Series raises the bar for ruggedness, reliability and performance with added DRAM and solid state drive storage, faster Intel® Dual Core™ i5 and Quad Core™ i7 processing, UL/cUL hazardous location testing approval, and an industry-leading 55°C temperature rating. Expanding on the ePC-Plus Series I/O slot options, the iPC-Plus Series now offers three different backplanes with various combinations of PCI and/or PCI Express (PCIe). All models come standard with a powder-coated aluminum front bezel and analog resistive touchscreen, 4GB of DRAM, an 80 GB Solid State drive, a SATA DVD-R/W drive, Windows® 7 Pro 32-bit operating system, and 100-240V AC power supply. Other configurable options available on the iPC-Plus Series include DRAM upgradable to 16GB, Solid State drives up to 300GB or a 500GB SATA Hybrid hard drive, 24V DC power supply, and 64-bit application support with Windows 7 Ultimate. The most significant improvement to the ePC-Plus Series is the addition of a new Keypad model, the iPC1550KPT. 

The iPC1550KPT solves an important need in the marketplace for a more economical industrial keypad computer solution where traditional hard key presses are required in addition to touchscreen inputs. The iPC1550KPT comes equipped with a standard front panel 81-key alphanumeric keypad that has reprogramming and relegending capabilities, and can also be configured with an analog resistive touchscreen.  “We are proud of the enhancements we’ve made to the iPC-Plus Series and we feel this is a superior industrial product to many of the PC offerings in the marketplace today,” explains Ralph Damato, VP – Product Management of Nematron.  “The iPC1550KPT is a great solution for many customers looking to replace their current ‘no-longer-produced’ keypad PC with a rugged and highly reliable industrial computer that provides traditional keypad functionality and backed by the impeccable quality that Nematron products have come to be known for,” continues Damato. The iPC-Plus Series includes the 15” (iPC1550), 17” (iPC1750), and 19” (iPC1950) LED-backlit versions, and now including the 15” Keypad/Touchscreen version (iPC1550KPT). The iPC-Plus Series can also be ordered as a non-display node computer (nPC400) offering flexibility for mounting in space-constrained applications. All sizes and models of the iPC-Plus Series and nPC400 have UL and cUL 508 as well as Class I Division 2 and European CE approvals, making system integration a breeze for virtually any application and/or location. 


  • 55°C temperature rating
  • three different backplanes
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