EPDM Gaskets


Gaskets can be used whenever a seal is needed between two panels of an enclosure assembly to protect the interior components from damage. DIRAK’s EPDM gaskets will eliminate rattle caused by vibration, compensate for door and frame irregularities, and provide environmental sealing. DIRAK’s EPDM gaskets are now certified to be suitable for use in UL50E applications for all enclosure types, except oil immersion for enclosure types 12, 12K or 13. DIRAK offers an additional range of NBR gaskets for these applications. DIRAK’s EPDM gaskets, certified to meet UL50E requirements, are ideal solutions for applications that require the following characteristics: 

  • Reliable sealing over a long period of time and over compression and de-compression cycles. 
  • Operate in a wide temperature range; (-40º C to 150º C)
  • Optimum sealing properties in extreme weather conditions
  • Resistant to ozone and UV-light environments
  • Water, ozone and steam resistant


  • eliminate rattle
  • environmental sealing
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