Epoxies Pace Growth of High-performance Bonding Technology


Adhesive bonding, especially when it incorporates epoxy resins, is becoming more and more accepted as a cost-effective production method in the aerospace, automotive, marine, construction, mechanical and electrical/electronic industries. Epoxy resins are a technically and economically attractive alternative to mechanical fasteners as well as for welding, brazing, and soldering operations. 

Epoxy adhesives have an unmatched record and an extensive 30-year history of bonding experiences. They combine high mechanical strength properties with dimensional stability, chemical resistance and good handling characteristics at moderate cost. These workhorses of the adhesives world can be formulated to bond to steels, aluminum and other non-ferrous metals, most thermosetting and many thermoplastic materials, fiber reinforced composites, concretes, bricks, ceramics, glasses, woods and foamed structures. When compared to other commercial adhesives, epoxies provide many important advantages: they fill gaps, resist water and chemicals and offer durability with convenient cure schedules.
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