Ergonomic Fuel Line Residual Fuel Hose Gravity Drainer


The Ergonomic Fuel Line Residual Fuel Hose Gravity Drainer™ is a patented ergonomic tool  (US 6,918,415 B1) that aides in draining fuel product hoses without the need for awkward bending, stooping, reaching, and lifting. The light weight and portable design makes it convenient and easy to use. It's adjustable design ensures a custom fit for its users. This tool can be an effective and proactive strategy for prevention of workplace injuries, returning injured workers back to full duty following an  injury, for keeping your aging workers productive and safe, and for ensuring that you are in compliance under anti-disability discrimination laws and regulations.

This innovative product is one of a kind and has been featured on JAN (Job Accommodation Network), Bulk Transport and Tank Transporter magazines. Discounts are available for multiple purchases. 
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