Ergonomic Vacuum Lifter


A compact, ergonomic vacuum lifter features a custom designed interchange-able vacuum suction pad attachment that mirrors the contour of a spherical load. The Anver VFP Series Vacuum Lifter features an interchangeable custom made concave-shaped suction pad with a soft sponge rubber sealing pad that is replaceable.  

Designed to let one person handle domes and spheres, this below-the-hook vacuum lifter is powered by compressed air and includes vacuum gauges and an audio-visual alarm to signal fractional vacuum leakage. Suitable for handling stainless steel, composite materials, and glass domes and spheres, only rubber touches the load while using the Anver VFP Series Vacuum Lifter.  Featuring an adjustable handlebar with built-in controls, this compact ergonomic lifter has an all-welded steel frame, is available with up to 2,000 lbs. capacity, and requires only 8” of headroom.


  • interchange-able vacuum suction pad attachment
  • lets one person handle domes and spheres
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