ERP Software Adds Wireless Option for Handheld Input


OpenMFG, the leading open source-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) system for small and mid-sized manufacturers and distributors, now offers add-on software that enables shipping, receiving and related inventory data to be exchanged with the OpenMFG database from handheld barcode scanners or other wireless devices in real time. The new application, developed by Yellow Dog Consulting, is the first to provide affordable handheld ERP capabilities for small and mid-sized organizations.

Warehouse personnel can use the wireless application to process outbound shipments and inbound orders in a single step, eliminating the inefficiencies and error risk of recording the information on paper and then transferring it to the OpenMFG system. Data is transmitted directly from the handheld to the backend OpenMFG system over a standard wireless network, enabling immediate inventory updates.

When handling outbound shipments, users can access the OpenMFG sales order on the handheld, scan or key in each item as it is pulled, send a print command for the packing list and shipping label directly from the wireless device, and inform the ERP system when the order has been fulfilled.

When receiving inbound orders, users can scan or key in the purchase order enclosed in the shipment, scan or key in each item included, view a prompt indicating the quantity ordered, enter the quantity received, and send a print command for barcode labels if the shipped products come without them.

The application can also currently be used to record inventory moves between warehouses. Upgrades under consideration would expand the system to other warehouse management functions, including physical inventory counts, as well as to the shop floor.

OpenMFG is a fully integrated end-to-end ERP system for make-to-order, make-to-stock and mixed-mode manufacturers. Modules include Inventory Management, Product Definition and Costing, Work Order Management, Manufacturing and Scheduling, Capacity Planning, Purchase Order Management, Sales Order Management, Shipping and Receiving, Project Management, Sales Analysis, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, a full General Ledger, and Customer Relationship Management.

Both the client and the server software run natively on Linux, Apple Mac OS X and Windows. The software is built on open source components, OpenMFG customers have full access to the application source code for easy customization, and enhancements submitted by customers are evaluated for possible incorporation into the core product.

Prices for OpenMFG begin at $500 a month or $5,000 a year for five users. The wireless application supports any handheld device that can run an SSH or Telnet session.
About OpenMFG
OpenMFG, LLC develops next-generation enterprise resource planning (ERP) software applications powered by open source software such as Linux, PostgreSQL, and Qt. OpenMFG products give companies visibility into costs, supply chains, processes, inventory and financial operations with a lower cost of ownership than competing products, and are sold to end-user customers through a global network of value added partners.
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