ESA-Approved High Reliability Connectors


C&K Components, a leading international supplier of
tact switches, toggle, rocker and pushbutton switches, and smart card interconnect devices, has
developed a complete range of high reliability rectangular connectors. Manufactured at C&K’s
European Space Agency-approved facility in Dole, France, the high reliability connectors
include the MDM Series micro-D connectors, MTB1 Series single in-line microminiature
connectors, and D-subminiature connectors.
“C&K is one of the only manufacturers of ESA-approved micro-D, single in-line
microminiature, and D-subminiature connectors,” said Gilles Parguey, senior product manager
for C&K Components. “Our high reliability connectors have been used worldwide in numerous
aerospace projects for a number of years, in both standard- and custom-designed configurations,
and they are now being implemented into other high reliability applications.”
In addition to aerospace applications, C&K’s family of high reliability connectors also meets the
stringent requirements of military and medical testing. The high reliability connectors are
configured for board-to-board, board-to-cable, and cable-to-cable functionality. Custom designs
and cable harnessing services are also available.
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