Everest E2000 Rugged Computer


Glacier Computer, a leading developer of rugged  industrial computing solutions, expands the Everest series of  computers with the announcement of the E2000.   The E2000 offers customers in the warehouse, freight,  distribution, and field service markets an all-in-one industrial  computer for forklift and fixed-mount harsh environment  applications. The E2000 is optimized for rugged environments  such as warehouses, construction sites, and manufacturing  centers.
 The Everest E2000 is a dedicated full-screen Windows CE computer  boasting the new Texas Instruments IMAP processor. The E2000 has  numerous display size options, touchscreen, multiple standard  I/O, back-up battery, and internal 10-60 VDC power supply for  vehicle environments. The E2000 unit is built upon the seasoned  Everest 4000 and 5000 Series and is designed specifically for  operation in extremes of temperature, moisture and vibration.
 “The E2000 is a logical iteration of our already successful  Everest series of rugged computers. This is our third generation  for this type of hardware and the numbers continue to support  our efforts. Manufacturing costs and repair rates are very  aggressive and our customer base loves it,” states Ron  D’Ambrosio, CEO, Glacier Computer. “We are really proud of the  entire Everest line up. The dependability and value of this  product serves as a great base from which to build specific  market applications and solutions.”


• Temperature - Operating : -30°C to 55°C/-22°F t • Humidity-5 % to 95% RH, • Storage - 256 MB Flash
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