Excelsior Lite™: A CNC Machining Center Designed as an Entre to High-Speed Machining with Micro Tools


Datron’s excelsior® Lite was designed specifically for manufacturers who need their innovative high-speed technology but, for budget reasons, are unable to afford a machining center made exclusively for small tooling - 1/4 inch and under. "So that manufacturers of small parts can have their cake and eat it too,” says Datron Dynamics President, Walter Schnecker, "we carefully cut a few corners without sacrificing the core integrity of our technology." An example of this is that the excelsiorLite has an aluminum bed rather than the granite table found on its big brother the excelsior® EX. While this does impact rigidity to some extent, this may not be critical to every application.

The excelsiorLite comes standard with a 1.2kW 30,000 RPM spindle, 20” x 20” machining area, 5-tool Automatic Tool Changer, Windows®-based 3D control software, C3 1GHz PC with 256 MB RAM, 15” CRT, keyboard & controller, Ethernet, CD-ROM & USB ports, Remote monitoring capability, Enclosure with safety lock-out and a 6-Month Limited Warranty (workmanship and materials). The excelsiorLite's large machining table and full enclosure feature a solid steel base. This combination delivers both safety and stability. X, Y, Z agility is facilitated by virtue of a hand-held controller (included as a standard feature). The excelsior Lite, like all other Datron machines, has a precision ball screw for superior accuracy. Drives are covered and protected from chips and debris — resulting in the ability to machine metal with minimized vibration and maximized accuracy.

The excelsiorLite's compact design, protected precision ball screws and 30,000 RPM spindle gives it the durability and speed to machine non-ferrous metals like aluminum, copper and brass. The high RPM rate evacuates chips, and the heat associated with them, from the cutting channel -- resulting in lower machining forces and less vibration. All of this facilitates high feed rates while improving the quality of the cut and surface finish. When operating the excelsiorLite, integrated workholding options yield quick setup and changeover. These options include a pneumatic clamping system, the VacuMate™ vacuum table that holds flat parts (even those with minimal surface area) facilitating batch machining from thin substrates and Datron’s lightweight Quick-Pallets™ which use a beveled boss-in-cavity system to register parts in X, Y & Z for improved repeatability on jobs with frequent change-over.
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