Exchangeable Tip Drills


Seco’s new generation of Crownloc Plus exchangeable tip drills takes holemaking to the next level by increasing output and decreasing machining costs. Crownloc Plus saves users money by incorporating several new features that yield high quality holes with less tool inventory and no regrinding or resetting costs. 

The line includes options for drilling holes ranging from .472” to .787” in diameter with 3xD and 5xD cutting depths. Featuring new optimized geometry with TiAIN coating, Crownloc Plus has enhanced entering capabilities, as well as excellent chip evacuation and wear resistance in a variety of materials, including stainless steels and superalloys. The line’s strong, polished drill body design includes deep and wide flutes and a high-strength locking interface.

 For best results, Seco recommends using these exchangeable crowns with the following holders: the Weldon DIN 1835 B/DIN 6535 HB, Type 5834 hydraulic chucks (for cylindrical, -R1 shanks only) or Type 5603 shrinkfit holders (for cylindrical, -R1 shanks only). In terms of coolant mix, Seco recommends an emulsion mix between 6% and 8%; however, when drilling in stainless steels, superalloys and high strength steels the recommended mix is 10%.


  • optimized geometry
  • excellent chip evacuation
  • wear resistance in a variety of materials

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