Expandable Modular Conveyor with Adjustable Length


A plastic belt modular conveyor that features a telescoping expandable section is being introduced by Safe Conveyor, Incorporated.  These telescoping conveyor models provide unprecedented flexibility for variable length or "build-to-fit" requirements.  Unlike some equipment that has to be "Cut, "Sawed", or totally "Disassembled" to modify, these expandable systems can be adjusted by simply loosening a few bolts and sliding the extension section to the desired length. 
So simple that you don't even have to adjust the belt length or tracking when making adjustments. Great product for discharging production line equipment or passing between workbenches. As equipment or bench configuration changes, these conveyors will literally "grow" as required.
The Expandable Conveyor simply extends in our out of the base section at both ends to increase or decrease overall length from 6 feet to 8 feet long.


  • variable length or "build-to-fit" requirements
  • adjusted by simply loosening a few bolts
  • telescoping expandable section
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