Expandable Power Supplies


IDEC Corporation welcomes two new additions to the PS6R Series of expandable power supplies.  120 watt and 240 watt models are now available, to complement the successful earlier release of the 480 watt model. PS6R Series power supplies are an engineering breakthrough, as they are the first industrial DIN rail power supply to provide multiple output voltages from a single unit.  By attaching easy to use expansion modules, users can configure the PS6R to their specific requirements.  DC-DC converters allow up to three separate voltages to be used simultaneously, while a branch terminal module provides additional wiring terminals.  

The flexibility of PS6R means that users can adapt the power supply to their changing requirements, without additional investment in engineering or wiring expense.  The new IDEC PS6R Series is a line of highly efficient, compact power supplies that are significantly smaller than other similar wattage power supplies on the market today.  They are ideal for industrial applications where stable  power is required, but panel space is limited. The PS6R Series delivers more power and greater functionality without sacrificing high efficiency, performance and reliability.  

The power supplies easily:

  • Expand voltage output by adding a DC-DC converter, with 5V, 12V, or 15V options
  • Allow the addition of two + and - slots by adding an optional branch terminal module
  • Pack more performance into a small panel
Superior IDEC quality, safety, economy and performance are built into each power supply, which features:
  • Up to 93% efficiency rating to save energy while maintaining high output ratings
  • Finger-safe design to prevent electric shocks
  • A low voltage alarm output, with both NPN contact and LED indication
IDEC PS6R power supplies comply with all recognized global industry standards. Each model is UL- and TUV-approved, CE marked, and comply with both EMC and LVD directives.


  • 120 watt and 240 watt models
  • up to 93% efficiency rating
  • finger-safe design
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