Expandable Valve Manifolds


Valve manifolds offer OEMs simpler installation and reduced leakage in pneumatic systems, but they create a challenge when an end user changes a design or adds features. The VS manifolding valve product range from Norgren, Inc., solves this problem by building in the capability to expand the manifold in the field without tearing it apart or replacing it. The modular design allows expansion of single stations by up to 16 valves. 

Expanding Norgren’s VS18, VS26 or VS45 valve manifolds in the field takes only seconds using plug-in printed circuit board (PCB) technology. There are three sizes of plug-in sub-base valves with flows ranging from Cv = 0.52 up to 4.2. Even the connections are simpler, with a two-screw system for attaching the manifold bases. Norgren’s VS valve manifolds come with two unique spool technologies. 

Norgren’s softseal spool achieves enhanced flow rates to maximize speed. Their glandless spool and sleeve delivers hundreds of millions of trouble-free cycles. Both can be incorporated in the same manifold to meet application-specific requirements. Norgren also offers accessories for the VS manifolding line to optimize air use and reduce costs by using sandwich regulators and flow controls. Norgren VS series valve manifolds and accessories allow for interruption-free valve exchange for easier maintenance and reduced downtime.


  • softseal spool
  • enhanced flow rates

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