Expanded Line of Weller® Fume-Extraction Products Removes Soldering Fumes from Workplace Environments


Cooper Tools announces the expansion of its line of Weller Zero-Smog® fume-extraction products. With the additions to the line, Weller now offers two different tip extraction systems and five different volume extraction systems to meet a wide range of user needs. Fume-extraction systems are necessary in work environments that involve soldering, adhesives dispensing, welding, and laser applications. These processes create smoke emissions that contain breathable fine dust particles that can be harmful to workers and the environment. Weller Zero-Smog products combat the harmful effects of these emissions with filtration systems that catch polluted air at its source and re-circulate clean air back into the workplace. Weller Zero-Smog systems offer two solutions for fume-extraction: tip extraction systems and volume extraction systems. Which type of system is best depends on the application. Weller’s tip extraction systems collect fumes very close to where they are produced, right at the tip of the soldering iron, so they work very well in hand soldering applications. Many standard Weller soldering irons can be retro-fitted to work with these systems or they can be used with Weller FE (Fume Extraction) soldering irons that have a smoke exhaust tube integrated into the handle of the iron. The tip extraction systems are the WFE 20D and WFE 2P. Weller’s volume extraction systems collect fumes from a wider area, and are suitable for applications involving solder baths, hot air soldering, laser processing, micro solders, and adhesives. The volume extraction systems are the WFE 8S, WFE 4S, WFE 2S, WFE 2X, and WFE 2ES/WFE 2CS.
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