Exploring Smart Linear Actuation


New brochure educates industrial automation users on the emerging role of smart actuators to achieve greater connectivity, application flexibility, and cost efficiency. With help from 10 pages of detailed 3D application renderings, the brochure explores the unique values to machine builders to be gained from smart actuators, their use in off-highway vehicles, factory automation, and material handling.


Thomson Electrak Smart Linear Actuators (Electromechanical Solutions for Intermittent Duty Cycle Automation) brochure delves into the defining competencies of smart actuation. These include the ability to perform traditionally external control functions such as switching, position feedback and system diagnostics directly within the actuator housing, and support for J1939 network connectivity.


Nearly half of the document is devoted to how smart actuators deliver value to a widening range of industries, such as factory and structural automation, domestic, office and hospital equipment, material handling, and construction and agricultural equipment.


Once smart actuation is introduced into a facility's automation process, the benefits are immediate and exponential. Machine design is simplified with increased flexibility and plug and play functionality, control capabilities are enhanced and energy usage is decreased.


The brochure also examines those Thomson actuators that meet the "smart" definition:


• Electrak HD linear actuators are high-powered solutions suitable for conversion from hydraulic to smart electric applications.

• Electrak Throttle linear actuators are optimized for easy-to-install and ergonomic engine speed control, based on the state of the vehicle.

• WhisperTrak linear actuators are quiet, small-footprint solutions ideal for medical, personal mobility, material handling, marine and structural automation applications. 

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