Explosion-Proof Pneumatic Axial Fans and Air Movers


Air Movers and Axial Fans

Industry's most efficient, light weight, portable systems for exhausting and ventilating large volumes of air.

Quiet and compact.

Highly efficient, explosion-proof pneumatic- and electric-powered units for ventilating, exhausting and cooling.
CS Unitec's pneumatic and electric axial fans and air movers are ideal for ventilating, exhausting and cooling in applications such as ship holds, underground mining, shipyards, refineries petrochemical plants, oil platforms, power plants, tunneling, construction and more.

•Explosion Proof
•For use in Ex Zones and Hazardous Environments
•Electric Fan Motors are Intrinsically Safe, Ex.


Explosion-Proof Pneumatic Axial Fans and Air Movers

Order No.
Output Volume
Air Pressure
Sound Level dBA
8 1521 0300Axial Fan12"Pneumatic3240 cfm90 psi101
8 1522 0300Axial Fan16"Pneumatic5720 cfm90 psi92
8 1523 0300Axial Fan20"Pneumatic9170 cfm90 psi90
8 1524 0300Axial Fan24"Pneumatic12,353 cfm90 psi86
W40Air Mover4"Pneumatic1140 cfm90 psi91
W70Air Mover6"Pneumatic3000 cfm90 psi91
8 1620 0010Air Mover7"Pneumatic2366 cfm90 psi104
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