Explosion-Proof Rotary Encoders Now Available


SCHAUMBURG, IL – (February 2006) – For manufacturing systems in environments where exposure to explosive gases is unavoidable (for example on paint-spray lines, printing machines or silage systems), HEIDENHAIN Corporation now offers an explosion-proof version of the ROD 420 rotary encoder.

The rotary encoder with a standard housing diameter of 58 mm features an overall length of only 83 mm and complies with the requirements of the directive 94/9 EG (ATEX 100a). The encoder is available with line counts of 250 to 5000. The maximum surface temperature is 120 degrees Celsius (248 degrees Farenheit). Before the housing attains the maximum permissible temperature, an additional temperature sensor triggers a warning signal to return the system to a safe operating condition.

HEIDENHAIN CORPORATION is the North American subsidiary of DR. JOHANNES HEIDENHAIN GmbH, a leading international manufacturer of precision measurement and control equipment. Our product line includes linear scales, rotary and angular encoders, digital readouts, digital length gages, CNC controls and machine inspection equipment.
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