Explosion-Safe LED Stacklight Towers


Patlite introduces explosion-safe AR-070 and AR-078 LED Stacklight Towers for Zone 2 and Zone 22 application environments. Each model is rated IP65 without alarm/flashing and IP54 with alarms/flashing and features a robust glass fiber-reinforced  polyester base, a 1.5 meter cable and a sealed cable exit. As a result, they are an ideal choice for providing user-adjustable audible alarms up to 85dB (AR-070) and 90dB (AR-078), respectively,  and highly visible visual status indication in continuous, flashing or alarm modes in gaseous and dusty environments. Towers can be wall or direct mounted and units can be stacked five high in red, amber, green, blue and clear to suit varied application needs.

“These attractive stacklights provide reliable operation and versatility that plant operators can count on in their explosion-safe environments,” says Paul Mizuki, Marketing Manager. “What’s more, they feature our exclusive Hybrid Prism-cut Lens that enhances visibility from any direction and distance and our dual reflection system which enhances light diffusion to create bright and distinctive illumination in an energy efficient manner.” AR-070 models are 40mm in diameter and have an optional 1/2” NPT, and AR-078 models are 60mm in diameter and have an optional 3/4” NPT. Both models simplify installation with wiring that is color coordinated to correspond with the stacklight color. Both models also feature interchangeable LED modules that eliminate the need for any rewiring, even after installation. 


  • for Zone 2 and Zone 22 application environments
  • wall or direct mounted
  • stacked five high

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