Explosionproof Humidity Transmitter Assembly Meet Critical Safety Regulations in Hazardous Locations


MINNEAPOLIS, MN, May 11, 2006 – Minco, a designer and manufacturer of critical components for critical applications, today announced the launch of its Hazardous Location Humidity Transmitter Assembly available in both explosionproof and intrinsically safe models.

Minco has designed the Hazardous Location Humidity Transmitter Assembly to adhere to FM and CFM safety regulations and provide the highest level of accuracy, safety and reliability available in the market.

“Minco is one of the few component manufacturers offering a Hazardous Location Humidity/Temperature Transmitter,” said Trygve Behny, HVAC Building Automation Industry Manager for Minco. “This product fills two sensing needs in one package that offers easy installation and ultimate reliability, which saves time and money in critical environment construction, maintenance and repair.”

Minco’s Hazardous Location Humidity Sensor utilizes a thin film capacitive sensor in which the integral transmitter converts the sensor signal to a 4 to 20 mA DC current, which changes proportionally from 4mA at 0% RH to 20 mA at 100% RH. The optional temperature sensor uses a second 4 to 20 mA transmitter output to provide a signal for accurate temperature sensing. All models are available with NIST traceable calibrations.

“It is well documented that environments that contain gas, dust and flying fibers can be dangerous when combined with electrical equipment,” said Behny. “The Hazardous Location Humidity Transmitter Assembly ensures accurate humidity and temperature monitoring for increased safety in a variety of critical environments.”

Minco expects the Hazardous Location Humidity Transmitter Assembly to be used in building automation (HVAC) systems, food storage, warehouses, petrochemical refinery plants, pharmaceutical industry, hospitals and emissions monitoring.

About Minco
Minco designs, manufactures and markets critical components for critical applications. The company is unsurpassed in its ability to integrate and assemble flexible Thermofoil Heaters, Flex Circuits, Sensors, and Instruments into a single component for greater efficiency. Minco helps companies minimize the risk of product failure by providing highly reliable components and expert design services.
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