Extech RT30 Wireless AC Circuit Identifier


Extech's RT30 Wireless AC Circuit Identifier is an ingenious tool for a single user to remotely identify circuit breakers, wiring, switched lines, AC outlets and, light fixtures without cutting into any wires and without a helper. This versatile tool uses a pager-sized, non-contact voltage detector transmitter that clamps onto wiring mid-run and transmits a "voltage present" signal to a pocket-sized receiver carried by the user, up to 100m away. As the user opens splices or circuit breakers at a remote location, the receiver's visual and optional audible alarms remain on until voltage is interrupted at the wire, effectively identifying the correct circuit breaker or splice.




A compact external clamp-style non-contact voltage (NCV) probe can be used for wires that are hard-to-reach, or within a bundle. For inaccessible circuit wiring, a useful lighting circuit identification function uses a light sensor to indicate lighting changes in a room caused by the user remotely opening a circuit breaker and turning off a light on the circuit. An optional AC outlet extender can also be used to identify circuits by outlets.




This tool is a must-have for electricians, do-it-yourselfers, contractors, kitchen, bath and lighting installers, handymen, and anyone who needs a virtual electrician's helper.


• Display - Power, Detect, External Probe LEDs • Controls - 3-position slide switch • Transmission Frequencies - (RT30) 914MHz • Transmission Distance - N/A • Transmission Distanced
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