Extended Reach Welding Robot


New 3.3-meter robot arm increases reach and provides greater joint access on large parts and weldments in automated welding applications. The new robot arm can be paired with Miller Auto-Continuum and TAWERS robotic MIG welding solutions.


With a reach of 3.3 meters, the new arm improves joint access by 63% over the traditional robot arm offering from Miller and offers a payload of 20 kg.


The extended reach robot arm is ideal for welding large parts that would otherwise require additional robot motion axis or shifters to move a smaller robot arm into position to cover the same working range. Eliminating the need for additional motion axis helps reduce the investment for additional equipment and minimizes the time spent for maintenance and adjustments.


Applications that can benefit include single and multi-pass welding on weldments found in the heavy equipment manufacturing, general fabrication, agriculture and construction industries.


The new robot arm also reduces stopping on longer welds — eliminating the need to reposition the robot — and generates more arc-on time for improved efficiency and productivity. Along with versatility for larger parts, the 3.3-meter robot arm allows for precision welding.

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