Extra Large Cable Glands


Demand for larger & oversized brass fittings is constantly increasing, especially in offshore and renewable energy applications. HUMMEL & Sealcon now offers a WADI-XL cable gland with up to 4” BSPP and Metric M110 thread sizes. This and other larger metric sizes can now be found in our catalog or online. The new WADI-XL version will accommodate a cable range of 48-90 mm (1.89”-3.54”).  This product can be found in Metric: M63, M75, M80, M90, M100, M110 and BSPP (British Standard Pipe Parallel) Threads G2 ½”, G3” & G4” sizes.  Different seal materials are offered depending on your application. For the use in oily environments, nickel plated brass is best suited. For outdoor applications and saline environments, the HSK-XL fittings can be equipped with an EPDM seal. Furthermore, Silicone - for high or low temperatures, or Viton® (FPM) - for applications that require chemical resistance, are available upon request.  Ask for your copy of Sealcon’s New Strain Relief & Accessory catalog or visit our website where you can see the 6000+ cable management products made by HUMMEL.
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