Extract Vac


Ruwac is proud to announce its newest innovation in its line of point of source extraction vacuum technology, the Extract Vac. This vacuum series offers continuous duty operation and highly efficient filtered separation that makes removing fine dust particles easier than ever, as it’s completely portable and can be placed just about anywhere in a facility or shop. Thanks to its quiet operation, you won’t have to worry about it becoming a distraction as it collects dust and fine particles into a solid all-metal container for quick and clean collection. 

Boasting an efficient filtration system with extended filter options such as HEPA, the Extract Vac provides a sanitary solution for collecting dust for re-use without the worries of cross-contamination! Simple in design, Ruwac’s Extract Vacs use VPK Series vacuum producers that perform at the ultimate level. Featuring air flow rates up to 216 CFM, the VPK Series is capable of handling multiple operators and long lengths of hose. 

Each VPK vacuum producer is equipped with a TEFC (Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled) continuous duty motor and mounted on a stand to ensure stability. An automatic relief valve protects the vac­uum system from overheating if airflow is stopped due to blockage. Ruwac specifically engineers each VPK system to include a custom silencer to diffuse air and suppress sound without interfering with the performance of the system


  • highly efficient filtered separation
  • completely portable
  • quiet operation
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