Extreme Environment Power Supply Reduces Costs, Simplifies Connectivity for Distributed I/O Devices


The use of industrial networks to manage machine device control and communication has increased the demand for distributed field power. The SCP-X provides 24 Volts DC in the <100 watt range ideal for sensors, relays, hydraulic and pneumatic actuators, valves, and communications devices such as Ethernet hubs.

This compact, stand-alone unit can be mounted directly to the load eliminating the need for protective enclosures. This innovative mounting option drives down costs and provides machine builders and system integrators increased flexibility during the design process. Direct machine mounting also decreases the amount of cabling between the power supply and consuming devices on the machine. Reduced cabling means lower capital costs and also allows for easier modification if system requirements change in the future.

At 4.7" x 7" x 1.8" (H x W x D) and weighing just over 2.5 lbs, the SCP-X is about the size of a conventional enclosure-installed power supply. The housing is constructed of tough die-cast aluminum that gives the unit resistance to 3g shock. It provides IP65, IP66 and IP67 ingress protection and also meets standards for NEMA Type 4X enclosures. Finally, the SCP-X can be mounted in any orientation via chassis mounting tabs.

The SCP-X comes equipped with standard DIN Mini connections. The 115Vac input side uses a three-pin DIN 43650 Male Mini connector, and the DC output side supplies 24Vdc power through a four-pin DIN 43650 Female Mini connector. A variety of adapters are commercially available to easily connect the power supply to other connector styles.

Multiple devices can be operated from a single unit maintaining the Class 2 output power rating if continuous power consumption does not exceed 94W (3.8A at 24Vdc). It delivers full rated power across ambient temperatures from -40 to +60° C.

The SCP-X is backed by a five year limited warranty. Prices start at $287 with shipping scheduled to begin in early summer.


• Nominal Voltage - Any voltage from 100 to 240 Vac Input • -AC Range 85-264 Vac Universal Input • -DC Range 100-353 Vdc • Nominal Current - 1 1.6A/0.7A • -Inrush current max. Typ. <25A • Power Factor Correction2 - 0.95 • Frequency - 50/60/400 Hz • Power Back Immunity - 35V • Overvoltage Protection - 25-25.5 Vdc, autorecovery • Nominal Voltage - 24 Vdc
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