Extruded Flat Lift Table (Model EFF) - Bimba Mfg Co


Bimba's EF-1 based Lift Tables have four shafts that provide maximum rigidity for lifting applications where other non-rotating cylinders cannot support offset loads and moments.

  • Space saving design that provides an economical alternative to other guided actuators.
  • Convenient wide tooling mounting plate.
  • As part of Bimba's EF family of products, the EFF Lift Table offers the same benefits; long service life, low friction and fast delivery.
  • Bore sizes:  50, 80 and 125mm.
  • Stroke lengths:  Begin at 5mm and increase to 100mm in 5mm increments.
  • Key Options:  Internal Bumpers, Magnetic Position Sensing, High Temperature Seals.

*For vertical lifting applications -- the EFF should not be mounted horizontally or with the tooling plate facing down.


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