EZ-Glider Position Control Torque Arms


The new EZ-Glider Position Control torque arms by Mountz Inc. help manufacturers detect and eliminate costly screw-fastening errors during the assembly process. Position Control torque arms are designed to reduce the risk of improperly fastened screws, ensuring that every screw is in the correctly tightened in the correct sequence. Using the EZ-Glider Position Control torque is like putting the eyes and ears of a quality control manager where they are needed most - right on the assembly area. "Sequence based fastening is critical to proper process control and a quality fastening result for many applications,” said Brad Mountz, President of Mountz, Inc. “If an assembly exhibits cross talk, a phenomenon where torque to one faster changes the result to another in the in fastening pattern, altering the sequence is often necessary to achieve proper results. An encoded torque arm is perfect because it guides the operators sequence and provides feedback if done incorrectly.”
Assembly sequences are easily programmed for the EZ-Glider Position Control torque arms from an easy-to-use control box.  Up to nine sequence programs can be stored and are manually or automatically selected for easy recall.  
The EZ-Glider Position Control torque arm consists of a torque reaction arm with encoders mounted at the two pivot points and a control box. The control box is used for programming and it tracks the axis movement by converting angle counts to the precise X-Y position of the screwdriver. The X-Y location is calculated from encoder values, allowing the operator to easily teach the torque arm a programmed sequence pattern and then use it to control the assembly process. Programming is as simple as moving the driver over the sequence location and then pressing a button. Popular features are driver  “lock out” which disallows activation of the driver if the wrong sequence is attempted and torque adjust, which automatically changes the driver torque to a new torque value if required. 
The EZ-Glider Position Control torque arm is compatible with most air, electric screwdrivers and DC control systems.   The torque arm can also interface with most intelligent driver systems that store multiple torque programs with external digital I/O control. The Mountz Position Control torque arm provides a smooth, flexible range of motion as the arm absorbs torque reactions general from clutch, stall and other electric & pneumatic screwdrivers.
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