F-Series Vertical Machining Centers


Makino announces the new F-Series vertical machining center designed to provide stiffness and rigidity for chatter-free cutting, agility for high-speed /hard-milling and accuracies for tight tolerance blends and matches typical of complex, 3D contoured geometry associated with die/mold and medical production.
“The F-Series has been built from the ground up for speed and precision,” states William Howard, Makino’s Vertical Machining Product Manager. “The machine design begins with a unique axis configuration - featuring no overhangs - and incorporates large castings that provide a robust cutting platform. It then integrates 8 mm fine pitch ball screws and 0.05 micron scale feedback - as standard equipment and the F-Series machines provide superior precision.  Even the servo systems are tuned for peak performance. Together these features reduce variability for hours of continuous, tight tolerance machining.” The F-Series consists of two models – the F3 and the F5. The smaller F3 features X, Y, and Z axis travels of 25.6”, 19.7”, 17.7” respectively, a 33.5” x 19.7” table and a maximum workpiece size of 33.5” long x 19.7” wide x 17.7” tall. By contrast, the larger F5 features X, Y, and Z axis travels of 35.4”, 19.7”, 17.7” respectively, a 39.4” x 19.7” table and a maximum workpiece size of 39.4” long x 19.7” wide x 17.7” tall. Both the machines have a table load capacity of 1,432 pounds and a 30-tool magazine provides capacity for a wide array of tooling.
ide Ranging Capability

Included in the standard configuration of the F-Series machine is a highly productive 20,000 rpm, HSK-63A spindle which incorporates Makino’s patented core-cooling, under-race and jacket spindle temperature control system. The two-range spindle supplies unique, wide range capability with the stiffness and rigidity at lower ranges for roughing operations - and vibration, chatter-free production of small details and fine features utilizing small tools at high rpm.


F-Series Productivity

The F-Series utilizes the Makino Professional 5 Control which affords the perfect blend of a Windows CE graphical user interface (GUI), touch-screen selection offering instant access to information literally at your fingertip, user-friendly, efficient PC-like capability for data management and editing and the networking and storage capability of a data center. 
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