Falcon HTC™ synchronous belt enables facility managers to maximize their energy


Veyance Technologies’ family of Goodyear Engineered Products drive system solutions now includes the Falcon HTC™ – the newest standard in synchronous drive belts.

The Falcon HTC system is a revolutionary upgrade to the highly successful Goodyear Engineered Products Falcon Pd® belt, and is capable of delivering up to 30 percent more power. In addition, this innovative belt is specially designed to accommodate today’s high-efficiency motors, with a power transfer rate of up to 98 percent.

“When compared to conventional polyurethane synchronous belts, Falcon HTC offers numerous benefits including quieter operation and static conductivity as well as resistance to both flex-fatigue and higher operating temperatures”, said Tom Burgett, Veyance Technology’s PTP Marketing Manager.

Along with other Goodyear Engineered Products drive components, Falcon HTC can be the first step to creating lasting value for each dollar expended. “By using the MaximizerPro drive optimization program in conjunction with Falcon HTC, end-users can truly benefit from reduced drive maintenance, noise and energy consumption – all with improved drive performance”, said Burgett.
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