Fan-cooled AC-DC Power Supplies


XP Power today announced the HHP650 series of fan-cooled rugged AC-DC power supplies designed for heavy-use industrial applications where a more robust unit is required. These single output 650 Watt units can accommodate the extended voltage input range from 85 ­ 305 VAC, and can deliver up to 780 Watt at high line input. In addition, the HHP650 has a peak power capability that provides up to 800 W at low line and 1000 W at high line for a maximum of 10 seconds. Suitable for use in the most demanding of industrial environments, the HHP650 conforms to the shock and vibration specification of MIL-STD-810F, has immunity to voltage sag as stipulated by semiconductor manufacturing standard SEMI-F47 and can withstand a 6 kV surge as defined by IEEEStdC62.41. 

The units are also certified against the safety standard for industrial control equipment UL508, international safety standardUL/EN/IEC 60950, and the specification for equipment used in hazardouslocations ANSI/ISA12.12.01-200 (previously UL1604). The power supplies also benefit from conformal coating. Operating temperature range suits most industrial environments and is from -40 degrees to +70 degrees C, with no derating until +50 degrees C. The compact high efficiency HHP650, typically 85% efficient, has an internal end mounted variable speed fan and measures 10 x 4.2 x 2.5 inches (253.8 x 106.8 x 63.5 mm). The HHP650 series comprises six models providing the popular nominal output voltages from +12 to + 48 VDC. A trim function provides the adjustment of +/- 10% from stated nominal output in order to cater for non-standard voltage requirements. An auxiliary always on output of +5 V/ 0.2A can be used to power logic and memory functions. Protection and control signal features include DC OK, remote on/off, remote sense, overvoltage, short circuit and over temperature. Single wire current sharing can also be incorporated when additional output power is required, or to build in redundancy. A DC OK volt free relay is also included.


  • single output 650 Watt
  • voltage input range from 85 ­ 305 VAC
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