Fan System for Drop Ceilings


 ZOO Fans announced a new, innovative fan system designed specifically for installation in drop ceilings. This new fan system can destratify the air, improve air circulation and even filter and purify the air in spaces with drop ceilings. It takes the air that has already been heated or cooled and circulates it more evenly, eliminating hot and cold so pots and noticeably improving comfort.  

Available in black or white, the ZOO Fans In-Ceiling Fan System blends seamlessly with existing décor and design by utilizing traditional HVAC components. The system is easy to configure in a number of different layouts—vertical, lateral, and with varying numbers of intakes and exhausts—in order to address a broad range of applications. And because they operate in a closed-loop, these fans will not interfere with air balancing, nor will they disturb the return plenum typically found above drop ceilings—important considerations for architects and engineers.  

Effective in ceiling heights from 8’ to 50’, this new fan system from ZOO Fans can be easily controlled to avoid drafts and maximize local comfort. It offers variable speed control that is manual, or through existing building management systems. “Increased air circulation helps in ways that aren’t immediately obvious,” said Cory Cochran, ZOO Fans’ Director of Operations. “From getting rid of space heaters under desks, to alleviating condensation on freezer doors, increasing sales, or improving worker productivity—there are a number of benefits in addition to saving energy.”  Another option with this fan system is an Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI) add-on, capable of removing most bacteria, viruses and VOCs. An additional filter option removes airborne mold spores and particulates. This level of air purification is important in a broad range of facilities—from medical and veterinary facilities, to clean manufacturing and storage facilities, to IT centers. 


  • destratify the air
  • improve air circulation
  • filter and purify the air
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