Fans For Open Ceilings


ZOO Fans are a great, low-cost strategy to noticeably improve comfort and reduce operating costs.  Their patented design gently mixes the air, eliminating hot and cold spots.  Spaces with even temperatures are less expensive to heat and cool because HVAC systems run less.


Designed for either open ceilings or drop (T-bar) ceilings, ZOO Fans will fix problem spots in existing buildings and reduce or eliminate the need for ducting in new construction with open ceilings.


Comfort goes up, heating and cooling costs go down.  Small fans, BIG savings!


ZOO Fans For Open Ceilings are available in two models:


  • H30, for ceiling heights up to 30 feet
    • 0 – 670 CFM
    • 0.44 Amp – 46 Watts on high speed
  • H60, designed for ceiling heights up to 65 feet; successfully installed in hangars up to 95 feet high
    • 0 – 1200 CFM
    • 0.95 Amp – 104 Watts on high speed



  • Incorporate a patented fan blade design with seven curved serrated blades, each with a winglet on the tip.  These features make ZOO Fans quieter than other fans and optimize airflow and energy efficiency.


  • Highest quality German motors with thermal overload protection, available in 115v or 230v


  • Variable speed controllable—individually or in zones—and easy-to-direct to aim and fine-tune the airflow


  • Lightweight, easy-to-install, and come with installation hardware included


  • Available in black or white fire-resistant plastic in durable, double-wall construction


  • Independently tested in an AMCA-certified lab


  • ETL approved
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