Yamaha Robotics has introduced a complete line of Scara Robots that feature shortened cycle times and reduced installation space.  The YK-XG Series includes models with arm lengths of 500 mm, 600 mm, 700 mm, 800 mm, 900 mm, and 1000 mm.  All units have a maximum payload of 20 Kg.  With the most compact mounting base in the industry and the lowest total height in the industry's top class, the YK-XG Series allows flexibility in automating compact lines, which was difficult with traditional Scara Robots.

The Series YK-XG provides R axis repeatability of + 0.005º.  A new design that couples a spline nut with the R axis reduction gears has been adopted.  By improving the R axes rigidity, the high load moment of inertia cycle time has been reduced by 20 to 60% of conventional models.  The residual vibration has also been reduced.  This high degree of accuracy makes the YK-XG Series ideal for handling precision parts.
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