Fat Teflon® PTFE Tape with Adhesive


"Fat" Teflon® PTFE Tape with Adhesive: The unique aspect of this Teflon® (PTFE) Tape is that it is THICKER than the standard Teflon® Tape product offerings. Most PTFE Tapes are offered in thicknesses from .003” up to a maximum thickness of .010”. Fat Teflon® Tape is available from .020” thick up to .125” thick. Fat PTFE has pressure sensitive adhesive on one side.

Fat Teflon® Tape is non-reinforced Skived Teflon® (PTFE) Tape. It is specifically designed for applications where thin Teflon® tapes are not enough. Fat PTFE has the heft, density and mass that make it very desirable for applications where thicker materials are a must. Fat Teflon® has all the other excellent characteristics associated with standard Teflon® tapes: Superior insulating strength. Non-Stick surface. Resistant to Temperature (to +300F), Chemical, Heat & Moisture. Non-porous. Excellent Release. Self-lubricating. Anti-Friction. Excellent Dielectric Strength. Uses: Insulating & Masking Tape, High Temp Tape, Anti-Stick Release Tape, Friction Reduction, Cover metals to create sliding surface, reduce noise, chute liner & guide rails, aircraft mold release. Available by the continuous Lineal Foot (12” wide) or in sheets. Can be fabricated into custom die-cut parts, discs, squares, donuts, gaskets, etc. Also available without adhesive.
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