FBS Drive / Brake Controller


The FBS Drive/Brake Controller provides a rugged control solution for operator to rail equipment interface. Your specific control requirements can be accommodated by a variety of standard and custom engineered configurations.

The versatile modular design of the FBS Drive/Brake Controller accommodates a variety of mounting and handle options, custom mounting plates and enclosures as well as proportional and discrete outputs including microswitches, snap action contacts, encoders, Profibus, CAN-Bus, potentiometers, and PWM for stepped and proportional outputs.

Propulsion and brake control for use on locomotives, light rapid transit, high-speed rail trains, passenger rail, trams, trolleys, people movers, maintenance of way equipment.


  • Modular compact design
  • Heavy duty construction
  • 20 million cycle mechanical operating life
  • Ball bearing construction for smooth precise control
  • Safe and ultra reliable forced open contacts
  • Highly customizable

  • Custom mounting plates with or without brushes
  • Custom screening and engraving
  • Friction held handle
  • Custom stepped detents
  • Large selection of output choices
  • Step or stepless construction
  • Custom handle configurations including mechanical interlock, twist, deadman, and pushbutton handle functions.


 VNSO Mechanical data
 Life 20 million cycles
 Gear Ratio 2.8:1
 Detented Positions Per customer request
 Handle travel +/- 45°
 Standard potentionmeter rotation +/- 126°
 Temperature range Operating: -20 to +60° C
Storage: -40 to +70° C
 Protection above the panel IP40...IP54
  VNSO Electrical data
 Potentiometers Conductive Plastic, 0.5 watt 5K 3-wire or 10K 4-wire center tap, 5 million revolutions Connections: 20 AWG Hi-Temp, XLPVC, UL1430 wire with Molex connector (03-06-2042)
 Electronics PWM Amplifiers, Pot Amplifiers, Motor Control, Optoelectronic Encoder, CAN Bus
Connections: Varies with product
  VNSO double contact blocks
 Rating AC 16A 240 VAC continuous
 Rating DC 24VDC Resistive: 1.7 Amps
24VDC Inductive: 1.1 Amps
 Maximum wire size 12 AWG
 Certifications UL Recognized File #E106738(m)
CSA Approved File #15040
  Snap action contacts
 S800 AC Inductive: 3 Amps 230V
DC Inductive: 1 Amp 110V
 S826 AC Inductive: 1 Amp 230V
DC Inductive: 0.5 Amps 110V
 S870 AC Inductive: 6 Amps 230 V
DC Inductive: 6 Amps 24 V