FDA- and Kosher-approved film often permits down-gauging


New IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) food packaging film is a specially formulated low-density polyethylene (LDPE) film that seals at low temperatures and maximum form/fill/seal speeds, even with contaminants such as blood, fats, ice, dairy products or dry powders present. It effectively eliminates channel leaks when used as a monolayer package or as a sealing layer in laminated stand-up pouches, and initiates seal at just 116°C (240°F). IQF film's blend of metallocenes is formulated for superior pliability and strength compared to EVA in quick-frozen food applications, often permitting down-gauging for cost savings and sustainability requirements. The new film is tough and durable, with an Elmendorf 2-mil tear value of 250 grams and tensile-elongation of 510% at break. It offers excellent clarity with a contact haze of just 9.6 percent and gloss rating of 63.
    IQF film is available in film thicknesses of 1.25 to 5 mils, and can be corona treated for printing with water- or solvent-based inks.
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