Felt Tip/Flow Brush Dispensing System


Nordson Corporation introduces the Felt Tip/Flow Brush Primer Dispensing System, which robotically applies solvents, cleaners and primers to a variety of substrates.  By automating the process, the Felt Tip/Flow Brush Dispensing System removes operator interaction with primer materials.  It also delivers consistent film builds and reduces primer waste, improving quality and reducing costs. The system can be configured for single-stage applications, including the dispensing of cleaning agents onto plastic or metal substrates; or two-stage applications involving clear and black primers for glass bonding.  

Cleaning and priming components prior to adhesive application allows for optimal adhesion and promotes long-term durability. The standard Felt Tip/Flow Brush System consists of a bulk delivery system, one or two applicator tools with a pneumatic valve pack and system controller.  Based on the part type, operators attach either a felt tip or a brush to the outlet of a fluid valve. The felt tip or brush acts like an ink marker and applies the primer or cleaner to the substrate in a specified width and thickness.  A variety of felt tips and brush types are available, providing the end user with the flexibility to meet multiple applications and part geometry requirements. 

The tips are manually slipped onto the outlet of the valve that has an o-ring to ensure a leak-free fit.  During down time, the tip can be stored in a fume that prevents shop air and moisture from reacting with the primer or cleaner on the tips which can cure and harden the felt or brush. The Felt Tip/Flow Brush Dispensing System controller provides operators and plant personnel with a user-friendly PLC interface. The controller monitors and controls the function of both the applicator tool and delivery system. A touch-screen display provides for system set-up and adjustments, system status and diagnostic information. Multiple part IDs can be used to establish dispensed volume set points for a variety of part styles.


  • robotically applies solvents, cleaners and primers
  • can be configured for single-stage applications
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