Fibre-Metal Brand BUGGOFF Outdoor Skin Protection Kit,


Prevention of outdoor skin injuries is possible if appropriate protective supplies are handy for outdoor workers to use. The Fibre-Metal BUGOFF Kit places protection where it is needed when it is needed. Consisting of nine individual products to protect you from the sun, bugs, poisonous plants, germs, itches, and minor pains, the Fibre-Metal BUGOFF Kit is versatile, refillable, inexpensive, and easy to carry – just grab and go.

About North Safety Products
North Safety Products, one of the leading manufacturers of occupational health and safety products worldwide, offers a full range of quality personal protection equipment (PPE), including respiratory, hand, protective footwear and clothing, welding, head, first aid, hearing, eye/face, fall protection, lockout/tagout, safety signage and traffic safety apparel and products. Global headquarters located in Cranston, Rhode Island.
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